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Internet-Based Business Trends Going Uphill

Internet-Based Business Trends Going Uphill

Google Trends is a tool for viewing and comparing trends of search terms sought for in Google's search engine. Using this tool a comparison of working and money making-related search terms was done. The search shows that more and more people in the United States prefer to make money using the internet than working for someone else in recent years. The trends also indicated that the term e-commerce is less sought after than before, while the term "make money online" gets more and more power. These queries show that the benefits of exploiting the internet for self employment may be on the rise.

Preparing for a Job Interview or Starting an Internet-Based Business?

Comparing the terms "job interview" and "work from home" showed that the terms are roughly equally sought for. The trend of job interview has a nice pattern that drops extremely around the end of the year and the overall trend is slightly decreasing, while the term "work from home" has stayed about the same throughout the years. Are people really preparing less and less for job interviews? And if so, is it because there are more unemployed people or the opposite is right, and the term is not sought after because people have stable work?

Making Money on the Web Gets More Common

Comparing the terms "e-commerce" and "make money online" resulted with a surprising chart. The chart shows that e-commerce has been declining over the years while making money online is dramatically elevated since it was first "invented" in 2005. It seems as if e-commerce has become less widespread and a growing number of web users are trying their luck with online money making.

Communicating and Broadcasting Using the Web

Two major ways of using the internet to broadcast information are blogging and the newly introduced social networking. Comparing the two terms with Google Trends showed that the trend for blogging is constant throughout the years while the social networks are rapidly climbing up the hill and will soon overcome blogging. These two ways of interacting a mass of people are major tools of internet money makers.

A simple search terms comparison can tell something about US internet users' employment preferences and about the uses of the internet when it comes to money and communication. Search terms comparison can teach business owners a lot about users' habits and the trends should be further followed and compared to other sources of information, like the real number of employees and small businesses to get a clearer view.


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